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Why did I can lost 20 pounds a month and you can’t

I am a office worker, every day is very busy, not socializing is work, no time to go to the gym, a long time to socialize also led me to have a beer belly. Buy why did I can lost 20 pounds a month and you can't?

First, I choosed Correct weight loss pills – Fruta Planta Diet Pills, why did I choose Fruta Planta, because it was a popuar weight loss pills, as it's Ingredients contains lemon, lemon can clear stomach, so I choose to believe it, not surprisingly!
Second, many friend had tried it and all get success! They recommend me, and give a official website http://www.frutaplanta.biz. I'm really relieved.

Third, it is very cheap, I think even it not work, it also can't wast my much money, So I want to have a look, whether it work me on not!

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