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The Unique Thing About X Cube II

As we all know that there are so many battery in vaping market , all of them are come form big brand , SMOK is released  X Cube II mod not long ago .
What is the unique Thing about XcebeII ? What's the capital of it can make the customer like?
The unique thing about the SMOK X Cube II is that it features Bluetooth technology and customizable LED lighting with a unique and stunning fire button that is seamlessly built into the device.
The X Cube II can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth and then controlled via the SMOK app or just through the box mod itself. Its unique firing button and Bluetooth capability alongside its power and temp control, makes it a very promising box mod.

That is very cool to own one , right? if you want to get one, just click on http://www.xcube2.org/smok-x-cube-ii-mod.html

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