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The Change OF Lemo

Lemo 2 Atomizer is the improved version of the atomizer, innovative use of external smoke filling oil hole Filling oil smoke no longer need to remove the atomizer, very good to avoid the oil leakage during refueling on, like Lemo, can use the atomization core of finished product You can also use the RBA model their DIY coil.

Also there are some changes on air flow adjustment holes, compared with the first generation of Lemo, LEMO2 greatly increased the size of the air flow adjusting empty At the same time also by increasing the size of the suction nozzle .you can know more from http://www.istick.org/lemo-2-atomizer.html
Smoke oil capacity from 5 ml reduce to 3.8 ml, relative length was reduced from 85.52 to 76.2 mm, slightly reducing the length of the internal pipe to enhance the taste, but can still see a little Svoemesto kayfun shadow, but places more improved Overall Lemo2 is more like a all-round versatile new way of filling is over a for him In the use of a few days, more and more found the function is practical with convenient, and not a drop of oil In today's market, it is difficult to see what is the major innovation, seemingly small details but it can catch the user's heart.

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