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Natasha IS Ten Times Happier

Natasha McSweeny began her journey weighing 172 pounds and today she is 28 pounds lighter and ten times happier! "What is even more impressive than my weight loss is how many inches I have lost from my frame! I have shed a total of 25.5 inches. My percentage of body fat went from 35.8 to 26.1 and my BMI went from 30.8 (obese) to 24.1(normal)! Now that I've finally shed 28 pounds, I have a waist again and it feels phenomenal!"

The Lingzhi 2 Day Diet leaves Natasha with no excuses and that's what she enjoys most. "I don’t have to worry about weighing and measuring my food or counting calories or points. It's like having my very own chef prepare healthy, calorie-controlled meals for me every day!" Not having to cook "diet meals" leaves Natasha with extra time to work out. Correcting ones diet is an integral step, but combining it with exercise is a sure-fire recipe for success.
Natasha has increased from seeing a personal trainer twice weekly, to an impressive four times a week. Natasha guesses she has about 9 to 14 pounds to go before she is at her goal, however she is not stuck on any number – rather the way that she feels! Her focus has shifted from image to health as she has learned to eat the right foods and exercise portion control "I have learned HOW and WHAT I should be eating, which will help me to maintain a healthy weight."
Since her friends keep asking her how she is losing the weight, Natasha has been recommending the program and telling them all about The Fresh Diet! "Not only have I shed the excess weight, but I have also increased my self-esteem because I am proud of the fact that I made the time to get fit and healthy and to set a good example for my kids! I tell them all the time that it's not about being skinny; it's about being healthy and fit!"

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